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18 Feb 2020
Winter School - Turkey 2020

Winter School - Turkey 2020

The fourth MAHYA-IIIT Winter School took place on 27 January-1 February 2020 in Turkey.

Entitled Islamic Sciences: Past and Future Perspectives, the 5-day programme consisted of a series of talks presented by renowned Turkish scholars from across the country, experts in their respective fields, to 26 outstanding Turkish undergraduate students. The language of delivery was Turkish, unlike the IIIT-MAHYA Summer Schools which are given in English. This fostered a more productive and enjoyable learning environment for Turkish students, enabling them to receive the maximum benfits from talks, Q&A sessions and fully interact during their participation.

In this interactive programme participants were introduced to key topics in an effort to expand their knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective, and offered a unique opportunity to network with speakers and each other.

All participants were presented with a certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the event.