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Privately funded not-for-profit , the IIIT is a dynamic, forward-thinking educational, cultural and academic institute that uniquely and creatively combines contemporary and traditional Muslim thought for contemporary times. The Institute is dedicated to the benefit of communities living in diversity, providing ideas for dealing with present and future challenges, ideas that contribute to the advancement of human civilization. The key to this vision is analysing and rethinking educational development which is conducted through the Institute’s Advancing Education in Muslim Societies Project (AEMS).

Working as an intellectual forum, the Institute explores and develops educational, academic and societal issues, promotes dialogue and supports research projects, organizes intellectual and academic events and gatherings, publishes scholarly works in major languages, and engages in teaching and research. It has established a distinct intellectual trend in Muslim thought which relates to a vivid cultural and theological legacy. Its continuous efforts of intellectual and methodological development, principally in the field of education and social sciences, involves a large number of diverse researchers and scholars from around the world.  The methodologies, principles and values developed and promoted are designed to be of interest and benefit to communities worldwide.

Founded in 1981 in the US, the Institute has its headquarters located in Herndon, Virginia. Its activities, research, academic and training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences, Summer and Winter Schools are largely jointly conducted in cooperation with international academic institutions and organizations from around the world, with a focus on continuing education, community outreach, and inter-faith dialogue.    

The IIIT is governed by a Board of Trustees that meets regularly to monitor and assess the Institute’s impact and how it can better serve humanity. Periodically one of the Board’s members is elected to serve as President. To facilitate the Institute’s vision, the IIIT is independent of, and hence unhindered by, local and international politics, government and party orientations, and ideological bias.