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MAHYA-IIIT Winter School 2020

Islamic Sciences: Past and Future Perspectives

27 January – 1 February, Istanbul, Turkey


The MAHYA-IIIT Winter School 2020 is a 6-day intensive education programme that aims to introduce participants with essentials of Islamic Sciences and looking at the contemporary social issues from both an Islamic studies and social sciences perspectives. The vision is that the intellectual and practical heritage of the Muslim World can be utilized to facilitate the problems faced today and in the future. Through creating an interactive atmosphere for lecturers and students, the Winter School 2020 envisions fruitful discussions on contemporary and future challenges that are of interest to all humanity. To this end, students attending are expected to be active participants during the lectures. For the fourth time in its history, the Winter School is proud to be hosting esteemed professors and very successful students from various academic disciplines.


Speakers and lectures for the Winter School 2020 are:

The Formation of Qur’anic Sciences: History, Concepts and Methods 

- Prof. Necmettin Gökkır

The Word in its Context: The Significance of the Context in the Qur’an 

- Musa Şimşekçakan

The Formation of Hadith Sciences: History, Concepts and Texts 

- Prof. Ahmet Yücel

The Legislative Value of the Qur’an and Hadith 

- Prof. Hüseyin Hansu

The Formation Process of the Fiqh Thought: Ideas, Sects and Imams 

- Assoc. Prof. Necmettin Kızılkaya

Ijtihad and Al-Maqasid 

- Prof. Murteza Bedir

Politics and Economics Through Fiction 

- Dr. Mustafa Özel

Religious Literacy 

- Dr. Necdet Subaşı

The Emergence of Theological Denominations 

- Dr. Kadir Gömbeyaz

The Course of Contemporary Islamic Thought: Events, Ideas, Pioneers and Works 

- Dr. Vahdettin Işık

Features of Islamic Thought 

- Prof. Bekir Karlığa

Do We Understand Islam Correctly? 

- Prof. Ali Bardakoğlu


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