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The Third Futures Workshop in Istanbul focussed this year’s workshop on introducing the participants to the Three Tomorrows Methodology in order to produce futures scenarios for Higher Education in Turkey. Held at Alliance of Civilizations Institute in Istanbul, and organised by The Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, MAHYA, and IIIT, participants from various backgrounds, all with a stake in the future of Higher Education were presentedwith postnormal times theory and motivated to think beyond the traditional forward-looking scope of strategic planning. Through the examination of trends and emerging issues that effect Higher Education, the participants discovered variables that had a profound impact on the complexity, chaos, and contradictions of postnormal times. These elements were then synthesised into scenarios that challenged the extension of the present and what remains familiar in our future planning. The results uncovered a previously unthought potential within the futures of Higher Education. Progressing through each of the three tomorrows, participants explored various concepts involved in forging the preferred futures for their community. This workshop also served as an important vehicle for developing a dedicated network of futures thinkers in Istanbul. The outcomes of the workshop will be written up as a report.