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IIIT Turkey Office Meetings/Visits Nov-Dec 2019


The IIIT Turkey Office, Istanbul with Dr. Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali of the IIIT UK Office, London, conducted various important and beneficial meetings with Turkish univeristy faculties and departments during the period November-December 2019, which are summarised here.


Meeting with Istanbul University Rector and Vice Rector

November 13, 2019

Prof. Recep Güloğlu, the Vice Rector of Istanbul University, graciously received Dr. Anas and the IIIT Turkey team. At this meeting, the Vice Rector expressed his appreciation of IIIT’s role and activities, in particular the openness for support and cooperation with the university. There was also the opportunity for a short courtesy visit to meet with the Rector of Istanbul University, Prof. Mahmut Ak.



Visit to Bursa Uludağ University Ilahiyat Faculty

December 16, 2019

Dr. Anas and the IIIT Turkey team visited the main Ilahiyat Faculty in Bursa, and they were warmly received by the Dean, Prof. Bilal Kemikli, together with the two Vice Deans Prof. Muhammet Tarakçı and Prof. Abdullah Karahan. Prospective cooperation between the two institutions was discussed in terms of events and publications. The team were informed that a new center has been established under the faculty, the Center for Occidental Studies, headed by the Director by Prof. Muhammet Tarakçı. Dr. Anas shared his vision and offered advice in this area, recommending that IIIT and the Center organise a joint event to facilitate the development of a roadmap for the Center.




Bursa Uludağ University Education Faculty

December 16, 2019

Following on from the Ilahiyat meeting, the Dean of Education Faculty, Prof. Salih Çepni received the team. Prof. Çepni was briefed by the team about IIIT’s AEMS initiative and research and Prof. Çepni talked about the Faculty’s publication activities in the area of education. The Dean very kindly expressed his pleasure in introducing the IIIT and its activities to the Faculty.




Presentation to the Student Group

December 17, 2019

The last session of the Student Discussion Group at IIIT Turkish Branch office hosted Dr. Anas, where he delivered a presentation on the Rise of the Far Right and Extremism particularly in Europe. He provided an enlightening presentation, with information and visuals on this critical and increasingly topical issue. This was followed by a discussion session where students were able to engage, raising questions and concerns but also providing input and feedback into the debate.


Meeting with Prof. Mehmet Bulut, the Rector of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

December 18, 2019

Dr. Anas and the IIIT Turkey team arranged to meet the Rector of Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim Univerity Prof. Mehmet Bulut, who kindly welcomed them to his office. The Rector was briefed about the progress made in the Far Right and Extremism Project, starting with the Political Science Department of his University. Prof. Bulut was presented with a Minbar as a sign of appreciation for his support, and he was also given a copy of the new Books-in-Brief (BiBs) boxset and the Muslim Societies in Postnormal Times book.




Meeting on the Far Right and Extremism Project

December 19, 2019

Dr. Anas and the team were very fortunate to be offered a long meeting with the Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty at Sabahattin Zaim University, Prof. M. Emin Köktaş, who is the Chair Person representing the university’s side of the abovementioned joint project on Far Right and Extremism. The first step of the joint project is intended to be a workshop, which is being planned for Spring 2020. Details regarding the people to be invited, the content and the format were all discussed at this meeting.


Opening Speech at the Symposium: “The Literature of Return to Homeland”

December 19, 2019

Dr. Anas was invited to be one of the speakers in the opening session of a symposium titled “The Literature of Return to Homeland” which was organised by the Farabi Research and Application Centre at Istanbul University. The event hosted academics and others attending from different Middle Eastern countries including Iraq. Dr. Anas’s speech referred to his experience as well as the importance of ‘literature of return’. During the symposium, the team met new people including another Vice Rector of Istanbul University, Prof. Haluk Alkan, who is expecting to meet the team in the future to discuss possible cooperation.