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22 Mar 2019


Three Tomorrows of Postnormal Times

A Workshop on Exploring Methods of Future Studies

22 – 24 March 2019, Istanbul

Venue: The Alliance of Civilizations Institute, Süleymaniye Külliyesi, İstanbul


Postnormal Times is a term coined by Ziauddin Sardar to describe the era we are in: "an in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense".


Given the accelerated nature of change and the speed it demands adaptation to, comprehending a vision of the future, and developing viable policies to navigate it, whilst becoming an ever more complex affair, is vital. Based on the Postnormal Times theory, Ziauddin Sardar and his team at the Center for Postnormal Policy and Future Studies have developed the Three Tomorrows Method which aims to provide a sensible vision of the future and upgrade the study of future to a deeper level. The team has been organizing several workshops to present their theory and methodology to young researchers and interested students in different countries.



To increase awareness of Postnormal Times and give exclusive training on methods of future studies, with a view to addressing the interconnected, multiple problems that modern society faces using Education as a case study.


This three-day weekend futures workshop is specifically designed to address and navigate the interconnected, multiple problems that modern societies face using Education as a case study. The overall emphasis is on futures methods. The idea is to use and combine different futures studies methods within the framework of the Three Tomorrows Method of Postnormal Times theory to address a single problem (in this instance education) in all its forms to allow for deeper study and understanding of concepts, framework, and methodology.


Through analysis of trends and emerging issues, participants will be challenged to develop potential scenarios for futures of education in Muslim societies. The aim is to increase awareness of postnormal times, the global crisis in education, and to begin a futures oriented discussion on what transformations are necessary to make education more appropriate and relevant for Muslim futures. The workshop will begin with a history and overall map of the status of education in Turkey. Participants will then be introduced to several futures methods within the Three Tomorrows approach to give them a deeper understanding of the future evolution of education in Turkey as a case study. Participants will work in small groups to focus on each tomorrow and work systematically to generate scenarios and become cognizant of the specificities of postnormal times. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained a strong grasp of the rapidly changing landscape of educational futures. The expected outcomes of the workshop are for participants to develop understanding of core concepts, theories, frameworks, and tools of futures studies and postnormal times theory as well as the Three Tomorrows Method and be able to contextualise them to their own research interests and topics. Participants will be supervised to draft a proposal for their own research using the futures methods from which they will be able to start off their own research on future studies.


Course architects: Ziauddin Sardar, Wendy Schultz and Jordi Serra

Organised by: The Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, IIIT, and MAHYA

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For more information on the Workshop and the Programme timing please see the Announcement Flyer (link below):