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5 Aug 2017 09:00 — 19 Aug 21:00

Turkey Summer School 2017: 5-19 August, Demirkoy

MUSLIM SOCIETIES: Contemporary & Future Challenges

The programme is designed primarily for graduate students from Turkey and neighbouring countries who are majoring in Islamic studies, humanities or the social sciences and who are interested in developing their knowledge and expertise in the listed topics. The programme will also provide an opportunity for participants to present and discuss their particular research in workshops. During the course of the programme participants will engage interactively with speakers and colleagues within and outside lectures. On completion they will receive a certificate of attendance from the organisers. The unique learning environment of the Summer School is intended to broaden and develop young scholars into becoming effective contributors to the betterment of their societies and cognisant of and sensitive to the needs of humanity at large, ensuring peace, mutual respect, better understanding of, and co-operation between, various faiths and cultures. The Summer School will be held at Demirkoy Farm ouside Istanbul.


  • Maqasidi Tafseer vs Literal Reading of the Qur'an
  • Hadith Criticism and Controversies: The Challenges of Contemporary Times
  • Islamic Jurisprudence and Maqasid al-Shariah
  • Muslim History and Civilization
  • Contemporary Islamic Thought – Contemporary Western Thought
  • Rewriting the History of Islamic Philosophy
  • Women and the Qur’an: Gender and the Politics of Interpretation
  • Science and the Dominant Paradigm
  • A New Approach to Higher Education in Muslim Societies
  • Epistemological Bias: Case Studies in Popular Culture
  • Future Studies in Post-Normal Times
  • The Virtuous City in a Global Age: How to Think About the Urban Future
  • Unlearning Modernity: Why We Need to Reform Education
  • Turkey and a New Concept of Civilisation
  • Interpreting the Qur'an: Hermeneutical Responses in Contemporary Times
  • Hermeneutic Problems in the Interpretation / Misinterpretation of the Qur’an


  • Ahmet Alibasic
  • Alev Erkilet
  • Beddy Ebnou
  • Bekir Karlığa
  • Bilal Gökkır
  • Bilal Kuşpınar
  • Ermin Sinanovic
  • Farhan Chak
  • Heba Raouf Ezzat
  • Murteza Bedir
  • Mustafa Şahin
  • Necmettin Gökkır
  • Recep Şentürk
  • Shuruq Naguib
  • Ziauddin Sardar
  • Anas al-Shaikh-Ali


Attendance by Registration only. Places are limited. Those interested, and competent in English, should complete and submit the application form with an updated C.V. and a letter of reference from their department or supervisor no later than Friday, 10 July 2017.

Contact Hatice Nuriler for more information, email:

Further Information:

The programme will be held in English.

Organised by:

  • International Institute of Islamic Thought, London Office, UK
  • Mahya, Turkey

In cooperation with:

  • The Fairfax Institute, USA

Announcement Flyer (pdf), Application Form (doc).